2022 is really a difficult year. The epidemic is still rampant and the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, which has affected the global economic environment.

Due to La Ni ñ a phenomenon, this summer’s high temperature lasts longer and the temperature is higher than ever.

For the sake of production progress, Kitech staff stick to their posts and perform their work duties at all times!

At eight o’clock in the morning, they were already sweating profusely. Their clothes were tightly pressed against the skin, and the sweat droplets of bean size were dripping on the ground. They wiped the sweat on their faces and continue working. They stick to the spirit of Kitech.

Lathe operators keep improving to ensure the high standard requirements of all work pieces.

The quality inspector are carefully checking the production requirements to ensure the machines meet the design requirements.

The electricians carefully check the circuit diagram to ensure the stable operation of the electrical components.

In the face of such a high temperature environment, the company’s leaders put themselves in the position of shop-floor workers and formulated a series of countermeasures.

For example, flexibly adjust the working time and reduce the working hours,  avoid the time when the sun is strongest in the day,regularly distribute medicines to avoid emergency.

Supply fresh fruit like watermelon and cold beverages to cool off, add cold dishes to relieve the heat;  air conditioner in the restroom is supplied all the time to facilitate workers’ lunch break.

When we praise them they behaved naturally and plainly, only saying that it was their job responsibility.

Let’s go to these amiable and respectable workers who fight hard in their ordinary jobs pay tribute.

In here, I would like to express the sincere regards and the heartfelt gratitude to the Kitech all leader and the staff: You were laborious!
Let these lovely defenders sweat less and suffer less.

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