Busy abroad commissioning work of Kitech engineer

After our engineer Jacky finished the commissioning work in Azerbaijan,he fly to Iran with no stop,and was warmly welcomed by the client’s whole plant.


Durning the 5 days work,Jacky help the machine start and smooth operation for 72 hours,customers are quite satisfied and highly praised our recycling line.


Our recycling line can handle most of the plastics,such as films, bags, raffia , fabrics,milk and shampoo bottles,and also the PET bottles.


The major technological process is crush,washing,dryer in washing line,and plasticizing ,extrusion ,granulation ,dryer in pelletizing line.


We have different capacity for clients choose,and our recycling line is customized,we can give the turn key project according clients raw material.


Kitech have specilized in plastic recycling field for more than 25 year,which our purpose is to extends the use life of plastics ,create a better living environment, human and nature can coexist harmoniously.

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