Efficient LDPE Drip Tape Recycling Solution to Mexico from KITECH

This is 300kg/h efficient LDPE drip tape plastic solution to Mexioco from KITECH.This is a plastic recycling program that we sell to Mexico.First of all, we get clean and dry crushing materials through rigorous washing system.

We use double stage granulating equipment to help our customers achieve better pellets requirements.

The advantages of the whole line

  • Global after-sales service: all important parts of the machine are famous brands with good quality and convenient replacement. The warranty is one year. We also provide overseas installation, commissioning and training services.
  • Intelligent control: PLC control system provides: man-machine communication, highly automated operation, remote monitoring and information transmission.
  • Protection system: The safety switch and internal locking of the system protect the personal safety of the operators, better maintain the performance of the materials, and avoid the damage caused by manual operation.
  • High quality production: The vacuum degassing and screen changer filter the material better. The granulator cutter works evenly, as well as the screen filter, to ensure the quality of the final product.


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