KITECH Shines at EXPO PLASTICOS 2023 with Cutting-Edge Plastics Technology

KITECH, a globally machinery corporation specializing in developing plastics recycling machines and system components, participated in the recent EXPO PLASTICOS 2023 held in Guadalajara, Mexico from March 28 to March 30, 2023. This event provided an excellent opportunity for KITECH to showcase its latest products and technologies and engage with potential customers.

Our company had enthusiastic communication with clients during the exhibition.

KITECH’s CEO James was present at the exhibition to communicate with clients and showcase his expertise as a specialist in plastic recycling equipment. Our company had prepared a wealth of promotional materials in advance, including product brochures and other collateral that provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of our offerings. As a result, KITECH was able to engage actively with potential customers, and many clients expressed interest in collaborating with the company.

KITECH is a professional recycling equipment supplier.

KITECH is a recycling equipment supplier with 25 years of experience in developing innovative and reliable machines. We have a dedicated team of specialists who are always researching and improving the products. Along with high-quality equipment, KITECH offers various support services such as project engineering, financing solutions, after-sales service, and training to ensure customer satisfaction and success.

KITECH’s participation in EXPO PLASTICOS 2023 was a great success. The company’s booth attracted many visitors and potential customers who were interested in its products and technologies. KITECH is committed to creating sustainable solutions for the plastics recycling industry and delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction. The company looks forward to building partnerships with those who share its vision and is confident that its collaboration with potential customers will lead to great success.


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