South America Trip is Underway

This month, our company’s engineers embarked on a journey throughout South America to visit clients and perform equipment debugging. This trip covered many countries in South America, including Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and so on. After several days of hard work, we successfully installed and debugged various equipment such as pipe extrusion production lines and recycling equipment, receiving high recognition from our clients.

In Chile, we installed a PE pipe extrusion production line for a large enterprise. The production line uses the most advanced technology and equipment and can produce high-quality pipeline products, receiving unanimous praise from the client.

In Brazil, we installed shredder machines. This shredder has features such as high efficiency, energy-saving, and strong stability, helping the client better manage waste plastics, improving production efficiency and environmental indicators.

In the Dominican Republic, we installed a PVC pipe extrusion production line. This production line uses high-quality raw materials and advanced production processes, capable of producing PVC pipes of various specifications to meet different customer needs.

Through this South American tour, we not only provided clients with high-quality equipment and services but also gained a deep understanding of local markets and cultures, laying a solid foundation for future business development. Next, we will be heading to the United States to continue providing clients with even more comprehensive solutions and services.




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