The latest Recycling Shredder Granulator System to North and South America From Kitech

900KG/H Plastic Film Recycling Shredding and Pelletizing Machine Line for Brazilian customers, this line is aimed at clean PE Film recycling.

It includes a powerful and stable shredder with drying system which can shred the PE film high effectively, the hot air pipe dryer ensures the moisture content of the material is below 1%, one double-stage granulating machine which can help our customers get better pellets. All our electrical units come from famous brands such as ABB, Siemens, Schneider and etc. As a result, these great appliances lead to a powerful and stable machine which have a longer using life for our customers.

The 300kg/h Recycling shredder granulator Solution From Kitech, it is for our customers in Canada.

We use heavy duty shredder to ensure the output of granulator.

The compacting pelletizer machine also equipped with lager area piston filter, automatic water strand pelletizing system, high standard electrical configuration, WEG motor, top brand configuration electrical components, In this way, high-quality plastic particles are obtained. And ensure that customers can get CSA certification in Canada.

Thank you very much for your recognition and support of our work, and look forward to bringing you more High performance plastic machinery projects!

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