What Is The Use Of Technology In Recycling Plastic?

Globally, most people have been clamoring for climatic changes due to the high level of externalities and its negative impact on society.

Once most consumable products have been consumed, materials used in the packaging can be gathered and used in producing some other products, such as tissue paper, and plastic, among others.

In this article, I will like to take you through how technology can be used in recycling plastic. Kindly get something to munch while reading through this article.

Use of technology in recycling plastic

Effectiveness and efficiency are a way recycling plastic can be done without stress. Burning of refuse and dumping of waste is no longer in vogue, nowadays waste such as plastic, and paper, among others, are being recycled.

Here are some use of technology in which plastic can be recycled.

1. RFID technology

This helps in gathering waste and monitoring how waste are been collected. One good thing about this technology is that waste collected cannot be miscalculated.

This type of technology has been in existence for a very long time and its benefit to society cannot be forgotten. This type of technology also helps in tracking waste locations.

2. Pay per volume of waste thrown

The bigger the volume of the waste consumed by a family the higher the pay. This method can also help in waste management.

With this method, the cost of material left for recycling can be deducted from the price of waste collected.

3. Purification

A solvent can as well be used to separate polymers from additives while using the chemical recycling method. This does not break nor does it modify the polymer.

4. Decomposition

This type of chemical method helps in breaking down polymer into monomers through which new plastics can be produced. This type of chemical decomposition can be done with either heat or the use of a chemical.

5. Gasification

Most people nowadays cannot do without the usage of gas either for cooking, transportation, or generating power, among others.

Clean synthetic gas can be generated from wasted products. This is eco-friendlier. The fossil fuel can be replaced with 50% natural gas density, and refined oil and can as well be reprocessed into green diesel. Its application has not gone viral but with time it will.

6. Recycling bin placement

For this type of technology, GPs are being installed on a trash can, which helps in providing detailed information about how much trash is being thrown out and the area generating most of this waste.

This helps in determining the exact location where the trash can be placed so has to have an access to more rates.

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Having gone through this article, you must have been able to deduce that instead of dumping waste in a particular location it might end up leading to pollution.

Why not recycle most of this waste to meet other consumers’ needs which in turn helps in reducing the high rate of pollution in our various societies.

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