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PE pipe extrusion line


PE pipe extrusion line is mainly used in the production of agricultural  drainage, water supply and drainage, and cable laying, etc. purposes. The unit consists of single extruder machine, die head, vacuum calibration tank, water spraying cooling tank, multi-claw haul-off machine, planetary( chipless/non-dust cutter) cutting machine, stacker and so on. And the line can be equipped with Comptroller thickening instrument or computer ink-jet printer, etc. to achieve the production and manufacture of high-grade tubing. Producing pipe diameter range: Φ16mm-Φ1600mm.

PE pipe extrusion production line process

Raw material preparation (drying)→feeding and extrusion→cooling and sizing→hauling→printing and marking→length cutting→inspection→packaging

The PE pipe production line is to put the PE raw material in the hopper into the extruder by its own weight, heat, extrude, mix in the extruder, extrude from the discharge die, enter the shaping table, and the shaped PE pipe is pulled out by a tractor Finally, measure the fixed length and cut it with a cutting machine. Pipelines are put into storage after passing the inspection.

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Features of PE pipe extrusion production line

1. 30m/min of maximum lineal extrusion speed, big capacity, and low power consumption, and achieved multi-layers
co-extrusion with 1-5 layers.
2. The copper bush is more wear-resisting and prevents material leakage which can guarantee a stable running of the extruder.
3. Material feed via spiral groove, efficient transmission and can effectively reduce back-pressure on the extruder.
4. Unique design (barrier, shearing, and mixing zone) guarantees a uniform plasticizing effect, and can reduce the
pressure on the screw which guarantees a high speed and stable output capacity.
5. High torque gearbox has a smart figuration, compact construction, low noise, high carrying capacity, and high transmission efficiency
can assure long-time trouble-free operation;
6. PCA(pipe air cooling system) of die head largely increased the extrusion speed and decreased the cooling length of the extrusion line,
and improve the quality of the inner pipe surface;
7. Intelligent PLC controlling system with a human-friendly interface makes the operation quickly and conveniently;
8. Chip-free cutter ensuing flat and smooth cutting surface of the pipe.

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