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Plastic Recycling Crusher Machine Advantages

A plastic recycling crusher machine is a type of equipment used in the recycling industry to crusher and shredder plastic waste materials. This machine is designed to reduce the size of plastic waste, making it easier to transport and recycle.The machine typically consists of a hopper, a crushing chamber with rotating blades or hammers, a motor, and a screen or filter. The plastic waste crush is fed into the hopper, where it is then transported to the crushing chamber. Once inside the chamber, the plastic crusher machine blades or hammers shred the plastic waste into smaller pieces.The smaller plastic pieces then pass through the screen or filter, which separates the plastic from any non-plastic materials. The filtered plastic is then collected in a bin or container for further processing or recycling. Plastic recycling crusher machines can vary in size and capacity depending on the specific needs of the recycling facility. They can be used to process various types of plastic waste, including bottles, PP PE film, and other items made from plastic materials.

Trustworthy China Plastic Crusher Machine Manufacturers/Suppliers

KITECH as a professional China plastic crusher machine manufacturers and suppliers, offer the rotor is a heavy duty paddle type design with knife cover plates to protect the blades when processing abrasive applications. All knives are manufactured from chrome nickel tool steel as standard. Which is durable and can be used repeatedly for alternate cutting. The finished product has uniform particle size and good crushing effect.

The Main Solution of Plastic Recycling Crushing Machine

  1. Plastic PP PE Film Crusher Machine
  2. Plastic PP PE Milk Bottle Bucket Crusher Machine

  3. Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine

Plastic Crusher Machine For Sale

Plastic Recycling Crushing Machine Working Principle

As one of the most professional plastic crusher machine suppliers/factories, Kitech’s plastic recycling crushing machine’s working principle includes sorting of plastic materials → Feeding → Crushing → Sorting → Melting → Processing → Inspection → Packaging.

Plastic Crusher Machine Design Composition

We provide the plastic crusher machine design with multiple components, including motors, blades, cutterheads, screens, etc. These parts can work together to efficiently crush PET bottles and plastic PP, PE films into small particles, for Customers provide customized solutions. Our plastic crusher machine design are specially designed for the crushing of these materials, featuring high efficiency, reliability and safety.

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