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Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Machine

The plastic pelletizing recycling machine is a three-in-one plastic recycling granulator machine specially designed for low-density plastic products. It could provide the excellent re-pelletizing solution for film, raffia, filament, woven bag and nonwoven fabric which sourced from production factory and washing line. KCP series pelletizing system has a wide application in PE, PP, CPP, BOPP, PS, PPS, EPS, ABS, PA, PLA, PET materials recycling field. This machine primarily used to convert plastic waste into small, uniform pellets that can be used to make new plastic products. providing excellent solutions for compacting and rigid plastic recycling granulator machine.

Professional Plastic Pelletizing Machine Manufacturers

We are a leading china plastic pelletizing machine manufacturers and suppliers. Our pelletizing machine for plastic recycling adopts advanced technology and equipment, has many years of experience and technology in the field of plastic recycling and reuse, and provides customers with a full range of plastic recycling solutions, including plastic recycling, sorting, washing and granulation, etc. Our machines are suitable for the recycling and reuse of various plastic wastes, such as PE, PP, PVC, etc. Our products are characterized by high efficiency, stability, durability, and environmental protection. We can provide customers with high-quality, high-performance plastic granulator machine recycling and the best after-sales service.

Provide Following Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Machine

  1. Compacting Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine
  2. Rigid Plastic Recycling Granulator

Working Flow of Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine


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Plastic Pelletizing Machine for Sale

Application of Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine

  • Plastic products: Process the recycled waste plastics into granulated recycled plastics with a plastic recycling granulator machine, which are used to manufacture various plastic products, such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic buckets, plastic boxes, etc.
  • Plastic pipes: Recycle waste plastic PP PE pipes and use this machine to process them into recycled plastic granules to produce plastic pipes again.
  • Plastic packaging: Recycled plastics are also widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging and other fields.
  • Agricultural field: Process waste plastics such as waste agricultural film and woven bags with plastic recycling granulator machine for the manufacture of agricultural supplies.

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