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Description of Plastic Recycling Shredder Machine

KITECH’s plastic recycling shredder machine can meet customers demand for high-yielding shredder, which is widely used in plastic pallet, waste plastic, plastic film, large household appliance shell, used wood, high density headstock, etc.The plastic recycling shredder machine is equipped with a powerful swinging hydraulic pusher, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of material blocking and reduce the wear of internal guide rail.
The close integration of the hydraulic workstation of the single shaft shredder machine and the cavity of the plastic shredder machine not only saves space but also protects the hydraulic station, but also facilitates the maintenance and maintenance. All series of models are equipped with smooth rotor, external bearing seat design according to hydraulic screen bracket, safe and reliable, effective and practical.

Leading Plastic Shredder Machine Manufacturers

KITECH is a leading plastic shredder machine manufacturers and factory, when buy PP PE film shredder machine and single shaft shredder machine, you need to consider factors such as use, capacity, safety, function, quality, and maintenance. We provide plastic waste shredder machine, plastic film shredder machine, PP PE film shredder machine, single shaft shredder machine, etc. With a high level of innovation, durability and operational reliability.

Principle of Plastic Waste Shredder Machine

The plastic waste material is put into the feeding port of the machine, and the plastic waste is crushed and cut by the operation of the blade and the rotor.

Main Solution of Plastic Shredder Machine for Recycling

The plastic recycling shredder machine is a kind of equipment used to recycle waste plastics. Its main solution is to waste plastic shredder and make them into reusable raw materials. The device can efficiently process different types of waste plastic, including plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic pipes, etc., and turn them into raw materials that can be used in recycled manufacturing. By plastic recycling shredder machine, the effective utilization of waste plastics can be realized, and environmental pollution and resource waste can be reduced.

Plastic Shredder Machine For Sale

Technical Characteristics of Plastic Recycling Shredder Machine

  • Efficiency: Plastic shredder machine can quickly and thoroughly shred plastic waste, thereby converting it into reusable raw materials.
  • Fine shredding: Using professional design and high-quality materials, it can realize the fine decomposition of plastic waste and produce uniform and fine fragments, which are convenient for subsequent reuse and recycling.
  • Wide applicability: Suitable for various types of plastic waste, including PP, PE and other materials.
  • Easy to operate: The plastic shredder machine only needs simple debugging and maintenance to achieve normal operation.
  • Safe and reliable: The plastic shredder machine can effectively avoid accidents during operation and ensure safe and reliable work.
  • Environmental friendly: The use of advanced energy saving technology in the working process can effectively reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution.

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