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Plastic Washing Recycling Machine

Plastic washing recycling machine is one of the main recycling series of KiTech machinery. This machine has smart modular design aiming at agricultural film washing line, PP PE film washing, plastic film washing line, PP woven bag washing system, bottle washing system, injection and electronic waste recycling. Including sorting, size reduction, metal removing, cold and hot washing, high efficiency friction washing and drying modular. Which can remove ferrous and nonferrous metals, sand, oil, glue, paper label and many other different contaminants efficiently.

Support Customized Plastic Washing Recycling Machines

Our plastic washing recycling machines are designed to meet the needs of plastic waste treatment and resource recovery. In range of different raw materials, Kitech provides 300-10000 kg/h economy and high-level plastic recycling washing lines with different configurations. This flexibility allows us to provide the right size and high capacity equipment for plastic recycling businesses of all sizes. We also provide customized solutions, designing and manufacturing specific plastic washing recycling machines according to the specific requirements of customers and the nature of the plastic raw material. You can get a different module combinations design from Kitech according to your requirements and material’s condition.

Different Module Combinations for Plastic Recycling Washing Lines

The combined modules of the plastic recycling washing line can be selected according to specific needs and requirements. The following are some common combined modules we can provide:

  • Re-processing modular
  • Size reduction modular
  • Washing modular
  • Drying modular
  • Sorting modular
  • Water treatment modular
  • Monitor & control modular

Plastic Recycling Washing Machine for Sale

Professional Plastic Waste Washing Machine Manufacturer

We are a professional plastic waste washing machine manufacturer, we have rich experience and expertise to provide efficient and reliable plastic waste washing solutions. Our plastic washing machine adopts advanced technology and customized design, which can thoroughly wash all kinds of plastic waste and help customers achieve high-quality plastic recycling. Whether it is product quality, technical support or after-sales service, we take customer satisfaction as our primary goal and provide customers with excellent experience and value.

The Features of Plastic Washing Recycling Machine

  • Designed to run 24 hours for maximum availability and productivity.
  • Automatic modular control of plastic recycling washing machine easier and more reliable.
  • Plastic recycling washing line deliver the lowest investment cost and highest value creation.
  • Have a professional pre-sales and after-sales, the best solution for customers’ plastic washing recycling machines.

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