8 PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines are running in Dominica republic

This project is a re-purchase machine for regular customers from Dominica. This customer has purchased our four lines before, and need pipe extrusion line for small diameter pipe this time. Our production line has the characteristics of high efficiency, stability and intelligence. All parts are made of high-performance international brands, which have been used for a long time, and are suitable for manufacturers with certain economic strength.


We Offer PVC Pipe Extrusion Line is a manufacturing process used to produce PVC pipes in various sizes and shapes. The process involves feeding PVC resin pellets into a hopper where they are melted and forced through a die to form a continuous, seamless pipe. The tube is then cooled and cut to desired length. PVC pipe extrusion line can be used to produce various pipes, including water supply pipes, drainage pipes, electrical conduits, etc. These lines can be customized to meet specific production requirements, including pipe diameter, wall thickness and material properties.

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