500kg/h Rigid Plastic recycling system Kitech

This is 500kg/h efficient LDPE rigid plastic washing and pelletizing solution to Ecuador from KITECH Machinery.
We equiped with shredder and crusher for batter washing effect,the final rigid flakes’ water content is about 1% , which can meet the requirements of granulation line. This Double Stage KCP120 pelletizing machine can make 400-500kg/h of uniform pellets.All our Equipments adopt the European design with the features of low energy consumption and CE safety standard .

We provide the plastic crusher machine and plastic shredder machine are both pieces of equipment used to process plastic waste. The main feature of the plastic crusher machine is that it can quickly cut large pieces of plastic waste into small pieces to improve the efficiency of subsequent processing; while plastic shredder machine breaks plastic waste into small particles or fine powder for reuse or processing. At the same time, both have a variety of models and specifications to choose from to meet the processing needs of different types and forms of plastic waste.

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