Empowering Production: Engineers Accelerate Manufacturing in Azerbaijan

In a remarkable display of dedication and expertise, KITECH’s engineers embarked on a mission to Azerbaijan after the festive celebrations of the 2022 Chinese New Year. This journey marked a pivotal moment in our commitment to supporting our clients’ growth. Our engineers’ presence in the factories of our Azerbaijani customers aimed to streamline production processes and enhance efficiency, resulting in an impressive showcase of collaboration and success.

Engineering Excellence Unleashed

As the post-Chinese New Year fervor settled, our team of skilled engineers boarded flights to Azerbaijan, eager to commence commissioning work. The objective was crystal clear – to assist our esteemed customers in accelerating their production capabilities. Armed with decades of experience and a profound understanding of plastics recycling machinery, our engineers were poised to make a transformative impact.

Azerbaijan Welcomes Innovation

The specific focus of this collaborative endeavor was the installation and commissioning of a remarkable pairing: a 500kg/h LDPE film recycling washing line and a 500kg/h LDPE film compacting pelletizing line. These cutting-edge solutions underscored the innovative spirit that KITECH brings to the table. As the equipment began to hum with life, the factories in Azerbaijan were on the brink of a new era of productivity.

Sweet Success and Satisfied Smiles

The true testament to the success of this commissioning work was witnessed in the smiles that adorned the faces of our customers. As the trial runs unfolded, our engineers meticulously fine-tuned the intricate components, ensuring seamless operation. The satisfying result was an accelerated production process that exceeded expectations. The customers’ sweet smiles conveyed their satisfaction, validating our commitment to operational reliability and innovation.

A Collaborative Partnership

Beyond the technical accomplishments, this project showcased the synergy between KITECH and its clients. It was a testament to our shared dedication to progress and growth. The engineers not only imparted their technical knowledge but also facilitated knowledge transfer, empowering the Azerbaijani team to confidently manage and optimize the newly commissioned machinery.


The commissioning work of our engineers in Azerbaijan was more than just a technical endeavor – it was a manifestation of our company’s values and commitment. KITECH’s dedication to innovation, durability, and operational reliability shone through as our engineers collaborated seamlessly with our Azerbaijani partners. The successful installation of the LDPE film recycling washing line and LDPE film compacting pelletizing line marked a new chapter in our shared journey toward sustainable solutions and enhanced production capabilities.


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