EPS/XPS Plastic Recycling Solution to Saudi Arabia

In the world of plastic recycling, finding efficient solutions for specific materials is crucial. This case study focuses on a client in Saudi Arabia who sought a reliable recycling solution for EPS/XPS cold blocks. We provided them with our AGS1500 Shredder & KCP180 Compacting Pelletizer, which has a capacity of 1000kg/h. This article will highlight the features and benefits of our equipment and showcase the successful implementation of our recycling solution.

The Equipment:

AGS1500 Shredder: Our shredder unit incorporates speed control technology, thanks to the added inverter. This feature allows the client to adjust the shredding speed according to their specific requirements. Additionally, the electrical box is equipped with A/C for optimal performance in different operating conditions.

KCP180 Compacting Pelletizer: The compacting pelletizer machine is designed to handle EPS/XPS recycling efficiently. It is equipped with a larger area piston filter to ensure effective filtration and a water cooling strand pelletizing system for high-quality pellet production. The PLC controller enables automatic intelligent control and remote monitoring, enhancing operational convenience.

Client Visit:

Last month, our sales representative had the opportunity to visit our client in Saudi Arabia. During the visit, we observed the successful operation of the recycling line, witnessing the positive impact our equipment had on their recycling process. We also documented the process through pictures, which we will share to provide a visual representation of our pelletizing system.

Customer Satisfaction:

Our client in Saudi Arabia expressed their satisfaction with our EPS/XPS plastic recycling solution. The key advantages they experienced include:

Efficient Recycling: The AGS1500 Shredder and KCP180 Compacting Pelletizer combination allowed for the efficient recycling of EPS/XPS cold blocks. The 1000kg/h capacity met their recycling needs effectively.

Enhanced Control and Monitoring: The integration of an inverter for speed control and a PLC controller for automatic intelligent control and remote monitoring provided the client with enhanced operational control and convenience.

High-Quality Pellet Production: The water cooling strand pelletizing system and larger area piston filter ensured the production of high-quality pellets, meeting industry standards and requirements.


This case study highlights our successful EPS/XPS plastic recycling solution provided to a client in Saudi Arabia. Through the AGS1500 Shredder and KCP180 Compacting Pelletizer, we met the client’s recycling needs, delivering efficient performance, enhanced control, and high-quality pellet production. We are proud of the positive impact our equipment has had on their recycling process, and we invite other potential clients to contact us for more information and even visit our existing clients’ factories to witness our recycling machines in action. At Kitech, we remain committed to providing reliable and effective recycling solutions to contribute to a sustainable future.

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