Seamless Success: KITECH Engineer’s Swift Transition from Azerbaijan to Iran


In the dynamic world of plastic recycling machinery, KITECH’s commitment to excellence knows no bounds. The story unfolds with our adept engineer, Jacky, who seamlessly transitioned from his successful commissioning work in Azerbaijan to a warm reception in Iran. The journey embodies KITECH’s dedication to providing top-tier solutions across borders, with a focus on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

A Swift Transition

With the echoes of accomplishment still resonating from Azerbaijan, our engineer, Jacky, wasted no time and embarked on his next venture to Iran. His reputation as a skilled professional preceded him, as he was welcomed with open arms by the entire client’s plant. This rapid transition demonstrated not only the efficiency of our team but also the urgency of delivering exceptional results to our valued clients.

Exemplary Work in Iran

Over a span of 5 intensive days, Jacky immersed himself in his work, ensuring the smooth operation of the recycling machinery. The dedication poured into the equipment translated into 72 hours of uninterrupted functioning. The client’s satisfaction was palpable, and their high praises echoed the success that had become synonymous with KITECH’s recycling lines.

Diverse Capabilities and Customization

KITECH’s recycling lines are not just machines; they are comprehensive solutions designed to handle a vast array of plastics. From films and bags to raffia, fabrics, milk and shampoo bottles, and even PET bottles – our recycling line stands as a versatile solution for the diverse plastic waste landscape. The technological process encompasses crushing, washing, drying in the washing line, followed by plasticizing, extrusion, granulation, and drying in the pelletizing line.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Our commitment to customization is the cornerstone of our success. We offer different capacities for clients to choose from, and our recycling line is meticulously tailored to meet specific requirements. We take pride in offering turnkey projects, wherein the recycling line is meticulously designed based on the client’s raw materials. This customer-centric approach ensures that our solutions align perfectly with their needs.

A Quarter Century of Excellence

KITECH’s legacy in the plastic recycling domain spans over 25 years, a testament to our commitment to extend the lifespan of plastics and create a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. Our purpose isn’t just about machinery; it’s about creating a better living environment by minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.


From Azerbaijan to Iran, KITECH’s dedication to providing exceptional recycling solutions shines through in every endeavor. Jacky’s seamless transition and successful commissioning work underscore our core values of innovation, durability, and operational reliability. As a globally active machinery corporation, KITECH continues to make strides in the plastics recycling field, contributing actively to our customers’ success by offering sustainable solutions that resonate with industry needs.




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