Manufacturing Capability

Production task:
according to the requirements of the production task list, the head of the workshop shall complete the production task within the specified time with planned quality and quantity, earnestly arrange the workshop production, ensure the normal production of each group, avoid poor connection and delay.

Product quality:
ensure the quality of spare parts accessories products conform to the requirements and materials are correct and complete, to focus on the quality of the products in the process of production and inspection personnel shall be in accordance with the time requirement of inspection, sampling inspection, to prevent common quality problems and quality accidents, found the quality problem should be resolved on site, can’t timely solve to respond rapidly to the supervisor, in order to solve as soon as possible.

Safety production:
check the power supply, wire and machine equipment in the workshop to ensure no potential safety hazards before production.

Quality Assurance

We Prevent It: start with materials

Select suitable suppliers according to the function of parts and processing technology to ensure the quality of parts and save costs. At the same time, inform suppliers of the key points of quality control of parts, try to ensure that the key points of supplier control and inspection methods are consistent with the company’s IQC inspection methods and instruments, and compile inspection specifications.
Conduct regular audit and guidance for each supplier (the audit content is mainly production and processing technology, quality control ability and system). In case of major quality accidents, routine audit is required.


We Control It: strict quality control

The quality should be confirmed from its appearance, size, performance, version and model of drawings, and if necessary, assembly and engineering personnel confirmation.
The inspection frequency and inspection items should be determined according to the parts structure and the stability of the machine. When any abnormality is found, it shall be immediately reported to the superior and corresponding measures shall be taken. At the same time, it shall also be traced back to the previous batch to prevent the defective products from being transferred to the next process or making the defective products more serious.

We Correct It: resolve on site

For any of our equipment, it is necessary to reinspect its packaging, logo, quantity, weight, model and so on before shipment. At the same time, a small number of products will be selected for appearance, size and performance inspection

We Improve It: Product Lifecycle Management

We continuously evaluate and manage our products to further improve their performance, minimize failure rates and maintain a consistently high level of product quality. If product failure occurs in the hands of customers, we respond positively to compensate losses and make improvements before the next production.


Warranty Statement

Guarantee period and after-sales services: 13 months since the date on B/L:

During this guarantee period, the Seller will provide spare parts without any charge in case of quality discrepancy caused by the Seller. If the malfunctions are caused by incorrect operations of the Buyer, the Seller will provide the Buyer spare parts at cost price.

Long-term service:

The Seller will charge the Buyer cost price of spare parts beyond one year and provide long-term technical guide.
After receiving customer feedback, actively deal with customer’s problems reasonably (exchange, return, send people to service, etc.). At the same time, the company’s inventory and wIP should be re-inspected, and the re-inspection results should be recorded for subsequent analysis of the quality management process.

Technical Support

We offers professional 24/7 technical support service, and we guarantee that your questions will be responded by WhatsApp, E-mail,and telephone within 24 hours.

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